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Cat Eyes Surgery Turkey


Slanted almond eyes, which have become a trend, are very popular lately. The slanted eye surgery known as “BELLA EYES®” is the patented technique registered and published by the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu. (Cat Eyes Surgery Turkey)
Thanks to BELLA EYES® method (Cat Eyes Surgery Turkey), an attractive appearance is added to their gaze and sagging problems caused by gravity can be prevented. The term “BELLA EYES®” now stands for slanted and almond-shaped eyes in the medical world.

Lifting Effect in the Eye and Upper Face: BELLA EYES® (Cat Eyes Surgery Turkey)

Everyone’s face shape is different. For this reason, there are also differences in eye shapes suitable for the face shape. Due to anatomy, the eyes are slightly slanted upwards in an elliptical shape. Today, the popular and desired appearance by the majority is upturned and slanted upwards. The surgical method to achieve these eyes is through the BELLA EYES® technique (Cat Eyes Surgery Turkey). In the BELLA EYES® method, the eyebrows are moved upwards by suspension. Eyes and eyebrows are given more slanted appearance.

The Purpose of Bella Eyes® Surgery:

The purpose of this surgery is not merely attractive eyes, patients with droopy eye corners (canthus), crow’s feet and eyelids can also be candidate for Bella Eyes® surgery. When looking at the whole face, the effect can be seen in the upper face and temple area. After the procedure, people get a younger and more dynamic appearance.

BELLA EYES® is a Surgical Method!

BELLA EYES® procedure is a surgical method, even if it seems easier compared to other facial rejuvenation techniques. For this reason, it must be performed by a plastic surgeon who is an expert and experienced in the field. (Cat Eyes Surgery)

Bella Eyes® Incision

The procedure is performed with an incision in the scalp using an endoscope, which allows the surgeons to see the underlying tissues and muscles. It is preferable to leave the incisions on the scalp in the hairy area on the skin to avoid stitches and scars on the visible areas on the face.

Bella Eyes® Post-Op (Cat Eye Surgery Turkey Post-Op)

One day after the procedure, & after the necessary post-op controls are done, patients are discharged, and the healing process continues at home. (Cat Eyes Surgery Turkey) The patient cannot lie face down for 10 days and should avoid touching the face roughly at least for a week. After 10 days, the swelling and bruises caused by the procedure begin to go away on their own. The visible effect is evident on the 6-10 weeks after the operation.

Consult a Specialist for Bella Eyes® Surgery: (Cat Eyes Surgery)

When patients decide to undergo BELLA EYES® surgery, it is important to consult with a physician who is an expert in the field. Since the procedure will affect the whole face, it should be decided together with the specialist physician.

Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu

Cat Eyes Surgery Turkey
Cat Eyes Surgery Turkey


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