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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ufuk Askeroğlu stated that excessively small chin, anterior or backward jaw problems can be eliminated with chin aesthetic operations.

The size, shape and position of the chin is one of the most important aesthetic elements that affect the overall appearance of the face. Especially in the triangular appearance of the face, the shape of the chin is very important. Some people have a congenital square chin appearance. This can cause the face to look larger and overweight than it is. In some people, the shape of the chin is further forward or backward than its ideal position. Today, with surgical and non-surgical methods, the ideal shape, size and position of the jaw can be provided. In general, chin aesthetics is applied in cases where it disturbs patients both aesthetically and functionally.

The chin can be given a triangular shape

With chin aesthetic operation, wide jaws can be transformed into a triangular form. In this way, a triangular appearance can also be given to the face. The chin protrusion can be brought to its ideal position. The jawbone can be intervened with surgical techniques. After the operation, the patient may be restricted from chewing for a while to recover. In some cases, only the chin tip can be intervened. In this way, the jaw structure can be aesthetically improved and a faster and effortless healing process can be achieved. The jaw operation is planned according to the needs of the person.

Chin aesthetics with non-surgical methods

Chin shaping operations can also be performed with non-surgical methods. For this, botox and filler injections are usually applied. The chin can be reduced with botox injection applied to the jaw muscles, and it can be enlarged with filler injection. Since the results of the injection procedures, which take an average of 30 minutes, are temporary, they should be repeated at regular intervals according to the patient’s request. The fact that there is no need for a healing process and fast results are among the reasons why it is preferred. 

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