Catch the Golden Ratio on Your Face with Chin Aesthetics!

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What is Chin Aesthetics?

Chin aesthetics is an operation that is usually applied in combination with nose and face aesthetics. While evaluating aesthetic procedures, we can perform more than one procedure according to the expectation by looking at the entire facial line of our patients.

In general, we apply jaw aesthetics in cases that protrude outwards and negatively affect our patients both aesthetically and functionally. However, it is a procedure that we prefer today to catch the “triangular face” form, which is the gold standard in plastic surgery.

After the operation, the face of our patients is transformed from rectangular form to ucgen, and thus “jaw protrusion”, which is very important in terms of aesthetics and was not previously evident due to cheeks and excess fat tissue, is obtained.

The important point is that chin aesthetics can sometimes be an operation that is much more complicated and requires a rest period without chewing for a while because we are conducive to the bone structure. Sometimes there may be relatively effortless procedures in which we aesthetically improve the jaw structure by simply administering the fat tissue on the tip of the chin and cheek. Following your examination, the operation form and details will be shared with you with all the explanation.

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