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Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ufuk Askeroğlu talks about lip augmentation. The concept of beautiful lips has a universal aesthetic understanding. Always, in every culture, when it comes to beautiful lips, plump lips with uniform curves come to mind.

What should be an aesthetically ideal lip?

In an ideal lip, the lower lip should look fuller than the upper lip. On the upper lip, the fold called the eros bow should be pronounced. When laughing, gums should not be visible from under the upper lip. Again, there should be a pronounced lip contour. The skin of the lips should be smooth.

On which lips should lip filling be done?

Apart from those whose lips have thin, curvy, that is, flat and asymmetrical lips, the lips that lose volume as they age and deteriorate can also be filled. Apart from this, it can also be done to those who want a little fuller lip to feel more attractive.

What are lip augmentation materials?

There are many types of dermal filler that are injected into the lips and edges of the mouth. But the most common are the types of fillers containing hyaluronic and similar substances. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is also found in the body. This substance provides an increase in the volume of the lips. Sometimes the filler is even called “hyaluronic acid fillers”.

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How is lip augmentation done?

The filling process is performed with an operation of about ten minutes under local anesthesia. No aches and pains are felt during or after the procedure. The results of the filling process become visible immediately. Only in the first day or two may your lips be sensitive. As it is thought, it does not cause any loss of sensation in the lips. There are two types of filling, permanent and temporary filling. The contents of the temporary lip filler can be absorbed by the body over time. For this reason, it should be repeated at regular intervals. Permanent filling is a method that is difficult to recycle, which is not preferred and recommended by many surgeons.

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How is lip design done?

When calculating the shape of the lip, the general facial features and smile of the person are taken into consideration. Details such as the fact that the upper lip pit coincides with the tip of the nose, the symmetry of the lower lip with the chin, and the shape taken by the lips while laughing are taken into consideration. Just like drawing a picture, the most suitable lip is designed first. Then it is applied to the lip. When lip filling is done, it does not matter to only add volume to the lip. The folds that will increase the attractiveness of the lip should also be made pronounced.

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What are the physical and psychological effects of lip augmentation?

Beautiful lips have an importance that affects a person’s facial expression, gestures and emotional expressions. Thin and flat lips cause the person to take on an unhappy, irritable or anxious expression.

Among the aesthetic surgeries, lip augmentation is one of the operations that should be taken care of. Considering how uncomfortable and remarkable even the slightest herpes plays in the lip, the importance of the filling process becomes more apparent. Therefore, lip augmentation should be performed by plastic surgeons.

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