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What is Hollywood Face Aesthetics?

As we know, facial shape is one of the most important criteria of beauty and attractiveness. For this reason, the facial shape, which we call the golden ratio, is popular in which the chin, cheek and other areas on the face are in a certain ratio. One of the most important criteria in the golden ratio is that the chin and cheeks form a triangle. Thus, the face looks younger, more attractive and aesthetic.

Cheek aesthetics, or “Hollywood Cheek” as it is called in our technique, is the triangulation procedure performed on the faces where the facial contour is angular and the fat pads on the cheek are excessive. With this operation, which is performed by many of the Hollywood stars in the USA, very satisfactory results are obtained in terms of aesthetics.  The procedure is also called Bichektomy in the literature in the United States.

Hollywood face operation is based on the principle of removing the excess fat pads on the cheek with an incision of one cm from the cheek area in the mouth without leaving any trace outside the face. It is an extremely comfortable operation that can be performed under local anesthesia and lasts approximately 30 minutes. In this operation, which seems simple, the experience of the plastic surgeon in this regard is critical. The determination of the amount of fat to be taken according to the facial shape of the person, the creation of the jaw / cheek triangle after the operation and the fact that the sutures in the mouth after the operation do not disturb the patient are directly proportional to the experience of the plastic surgeon in this regard.

I can say that we have postponed face lift operations for at least a few more years in my middle age group patients who have undergone this operation. What is really interesting is that this operation actually gives magnificent results in young women. The 20-30 age group is genetically older than the ladies whose cheeks are saggy or whose cheeks are extremely rectangular/round, and they have to travel with a constant tired expression. These fat pads make the person look more exhausted than at the slightest stress, sadness and fatigue. With Hollywood Cheek, my young patients can have an extremely attractive and aesthetic facial line as well as freezing back to their own age.

But is the operation only for women? Of course not. Although it is often an operation preferred by women, men can have more attractive and beautiful lines with this operation in the last period. As in every operation, we plan and apply separately for my male and female patients at the very beginning.


What should be done in the period after Hollywood Face Aesthetic Operation?

Since there are small stitches in the cheek area in the mouth, liquid foods should be preferred on the first day. The next day, you can gradually switch to normal food. In the first 3 days, it is absolutely necessary to keep the seams sterile with mouthwash. Although the area where the stitches are located is almost non-existent, patients sometimes forget that there are even stitches, and these stitches dissolve spontaneously in a few days. Very slight sensitivity in the cheek area also disappears within a few days. Our patients can return to work even on the same day. The noble appearance of the cheek begins to appear within 3 weeks.

Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston are a few of the celebrities who performed bichecktomy, that is, Hollywood cheek operation with our technique.

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