Rhinoplasty Burun Estetiği

What is Rhinoplasty?

In addition to being the organ that attracts the most attention of the human face, the nose is also the most important factor of comfortable breathing, which is the key to quality life. It is very important for us to correct the defective image in our nose as well as to correct the breathing function without disturbing its functional structure. You have a complaint about the physical structure of your nose, which affects your self-confidence and prevents you from liking yourself. In most cases, a physical defect noticed from the outside affects the structure of your nose functions, causing headache, snoring, dry mouth, discharge and difficulty breathing. This disorder affects you negatively during the day and reduces your quality of life.

It is important that you share all your complaints with your doctor; The blow to your nose beforehand, the seasons in which your complaints increase, the operations that have been undergone should be transferred to the finest detail. Expectations about the shape of the nose should be explained. As I always say, the nose should be “beautiful” and “breathe”. Sometimes my patients focus so much on aesthetic concerns that they may not express their functional problems. Although we evaluate the pre-operative tomography/x-ray results and breathing problems, it is important that you sincerely share your complaints with us in this sense. Wouldn’t a nose that can breathe both aesthetically and beautifully be better? Here are two issues that we cannot compromise. Aesthetics and Breathing.

Operation time:

It is the most demanded surgery worldwide. As long as no special situation is encountered, the surgeries take 2-2.5 hours. With the developments in the field of surgery in recent years, operations are much more comfortable. You do not feel any pain during anaesthesia. With a drug called courage needle among the people, it is ensured that your fear and anxiety are eliminated before surgery. As soon as your surgery is over, you will be woken up.

After the operation:

The pain experienced in the past after surgery and the pain experienced in the removal of cloth tampons are now a thing of the past. Silicone tampons, which are used in place of cloth tampons, both make breathing easier and do not feel any pain when removing. After the operation, almost no pain is felt. Today, bruising in the eyes and swelling in the nose are lighter and the healing time is shorter than before. The most important issue to be considered after the operation is not to take blows to the nose and face and not to use glasses for 8 weeks.

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