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Forehead Reduction Turkey

What is Hairline Lowering Surgery or Forehead Reduction Surgery?

​Reducing the forehead’s size by moving the scalp forward and removing the excess skin on the forehead. Hair loss, genetics, developmental delays, and previous surgical procedures can all contribute to an overly high forehead. Someone may feel self-conscious if they have an excessively high forehead or high hairline. (Forehead Reduction Turkey)
A hairline can be lowered in two main ways: either by pushing the scalp forward and shaving off a part of the forehead skin, or by grafting hair to the forehead to create the illusion of a smaller forehead and a lower hairline.

Forehead Reduction or Hairline Lowering Surgery

The entire scalp is advanced forward during forehead reduction or hairline lowering surgery, thereby shifting the scalp to a new lower position. The majority of the time, adhesions formed during embryonic development prevent the scalp from rotating to a lower position in people who are naturally born with a higher hairline. The goal of this procedure is to realign the scalp to its original position in the event that the adhesions had not impeded normal movement. (Forehead Reduction Turkey) The excess forehead skin is removed after the scalp has been moved into a more advanced position. Utilizing the most recent methods in minimally invasive surgery and scar reduction, Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu can help your scars heal almost undetectable. The forehead reduction procedure performed by Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu has shown to be highly effective right away, well-tolerated by patients, and associated with few problems and little discomfort. Following their hairline-lowering procedure, some patients can resume their jobs as soon as two days later.
Those with a large forehead or high hairline who otherwise have normal hair and no history of hair loss make good candidates for hairline lowering or forehead reduction surgery. (Forehead Reduction Turkey)

Hairline Lowering Surgery in Female Patients

Women who were born with a high hairline are the best candidates for hairline lowering. To raise the position of the eyebrows, this procedure can be used alone or in conjunction with an endoscopic medial brow lift. The majority of patients are candidates for a one-stage hairline lowering procedure if they have a naturally high hairline. (Forehead Reduction Turkey) Patients who have a big forehead that they don’t like can still have optimal results if their hair density is otherwise normal. The scars left by Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu are renowned for being nearly undetectable. The most significant predictor of the best result after forehead reduction surgery is the scar. A patient will feel just as self-conscious about a visible scar as they would about a larger forehead if they had a smaller one.

Réduction du front en Turquie
Réduction du front en Turquie

Hairline Lowering Surgery in Men

Men who have always had a high hairline and are not actively losing hair are the greatest candidates for hairline lowering surgery. Before contemplating any operation or surgical intervention, men who have thinning hair or who are actively losing hair should think about receiving medicinal treatment to lessen the quantity of hair loss. Many guys are concerned that forehead reduction surgery does not lift the eyebrows at all. If lifting the brows is also a goal, a forehead lift and forehead reduction surgery can be done simultaneously.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Combined with Hairline Reduction Surgery

The ideal time to treat brow posture if a patient is concerned about their brow position is in conjunction with this operation. A brow lift can be done using the same incision used for the hairline lowering. Compared to two separate procedures, this reduces the amount of time and money the patient must recover.

 Brow Bone (SOS Surgery)  or Frontal Bone Contouring Along with Forehead Reduction Surgery

Some individuals may find it unattractive to have a frontal bone or supraorbital rim that protrudes excessively. Using a piezo device, these bones can be reduced and reshaped during the Hairline Lowering Surgery. Blending the brow bone with fillers or fat injections, which can give a softer shape, is another approach to make brow bones less prominent.

What to expect after a hairline lowering or forehead reduction procedure

There may be some swelling in the head, forehead, cheeks, or even around the eyes following a forehead reduction treatment. After a few days, many people recover enough to return to their jobs. Your head and forehead will be covered with dressing for the night, which will be taken off in the morning. (Forehead Reduction Turkey) After your procedure, you can wash your hair and take a shower the next day. Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu will take out your sutures after ten days. Patients who undergo forehead reduction or hairline lowering surgery will feel numbness below the incision on the front of their scalp. This numbness can persist for several weeks or months while the nerves gradually regenerate.

Who is NOT a Good Candidate for Forehead Reduction Surgery

The decision of who is and is not a good candidate for forehead reduction surgery is based on a number of variables. (Forehead Reduction Turkey) These variables include hair density, likelihood of future hair loss, and surgical history. A history of a coronal brow lift is the sole unequivocal contraindication to forehead reduction surgery. (Forehead Reduction Turkey) A lengthy incision that extends practically from ear to ear and is made a few centimeters behind the hairline is used to accomplish a coronal brow lift. Regretfully, some surgeons continue to do this kind of brow lift. By shaving off hair that covers the scalp, the brows are elevated, and the forehead is made higher. This can suddenly result in a person with a normal-sized forehead developing a huge, high forehead. Hairline lowering surgery may not be appropriate for a patient who has had previous strip excision hair grafting and has a very long scar as a result of possible blood supply disruption. To ascertain the degree of the risk, this can be evaluated case by case. Individuals experiencing active hair loss or those with extremely low hair density are also relative contraindications for surgery.

Exercise and Activity Level Following a Hairline Lowering or Forehead Reduction

Two weeks following surgery, you should refrain from physically demanding tasks to minimize any swelling or bruises. After surgery, the majority of patients return to work within a week, but some do so sooner.(Forehead Reduction Turkey)


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