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Things to bear in mind after Bella Eyes Surgery

The Comprehensive Guide to Bella Eyes Post-Op Care


  • Eating and Drinking After Bella Eyes Surgery:

After Bella Eyes surgery, it is important to wait for at least 4 hours before drinking water or eating. Consuming fluids or food too soon after the Bella Eyes operation can lead to feelings of nausea or vomiting.

  • Taking a Shower After Bella Eyes:

Two days after Bella Eyes surgery, you may take a shower. There is no need for any dressings on the surgical site at this point after Bella Eyes surgery.

  • Eyedrops For Bella Eyes:

Bella Eyes surgery requires the use of eye drops for a week following the operation. It is important to continue using the prescribed eye drops as directed after Bella Eyes surgery. Other medications can be stopped once you have finished the entire box. If you experience any unexpected reactions or are allergic to any of the medications, it is recommended to consult with your doctor after Bella Eyes surgery.

  • Glasses After Bella Eyes!?

Wearing eyeglasses is not permitted for a month after Bella Eyes surgery. It is crucial to take precautions to prevent any accidental impact or pressure on the face, as it could potentially result in complications such as strokes after Bella Eyes surgery. Please be mindful of this and take necessary care.

  • Medications For More Bella Eyes!

As a preventive measure to protect your immune system after Bella Eyes surgery, it is advised to use the prescribed antibiotics for one week following the operation. If you have any known allergies, it is important to consult with your doctor before taking the antibiotics after Bella Eyes surgery.

  • Doing Sports After Bella Eyes Surgery:

Engaging in sports activities should be avoided for a duration of one month after Bella Eyes surgery. Strenuous physical activities can strain the eyes and interfere with the healing process, so it is important to refrain from such activities during this period of Bella Eyes Post-Op.

  • Bella Eyes’ Stitches:

The stitches in the scalp after Bella Eyes surgery will naturally dissolve on their own. However, to minimize the risk of scarring, it is recommended to have them removed 10 days after the operation. If you are in Istanbul, our Bella Eyes team will arrange the appointment for you. If you are elsewhere, please keep us informed after consulting with a local doctor.

  • Why the Bandage!?

The bandage on the face after Bella Eyes surgery is specifically placed to reduce swelling or edema. It is important to keep the bandage on for at least 8 days following the operation. After 8 days, you may have it removed by a nurse or simply remove it in an upward way yourself, but if you are in Istanbul, it is suggested to keep it on until your next visit to the doctor after Bella Eyes surgery.

  • Wash Up After Bella Eyes!

When washing your face after Bella Eyes surgery, it is important to avoid downward motions and instead use gentle upward movements for a period of one month. This technique helps prevent any unnecessary strain or pressure on the surgical area Bella Eyes Post-Op.

  • Be More Patient For Your Dream Eyes!

For a period of one month following the Bella Eyes surgery, it is advised to avoid certain actions such as hair coloring, blow drying, plucking eyebrows, and engaging in extensive skincare routines. These activities can put unnecessary strain on the eyes and may interfere with the healing process after Bella Eyes surgery.

  • Possible For Some, Impossible For Others!

It is normal for some patients to experience edema or swelling inside the eye (sclera) within the first 10 days after Bella Eyes surgery. This is expected and typically resolves within 2 weeks. However, if the swelling is accompanied by itching or allergic symptoms, it is recommended to consult Dr.Ufuk Askeroglu.

  • Your Bella Eyes are Almost there!

After one month and three months following Bella Eyes surgery, it is requested that you send a photo to ensure that everything is progressing well. This follow-up helps monitor the healing process and allows the Bella Eyes medical team to address any concerns if necessary.

Why is Post-Op Important After Bella Eyes?

Post-operative care is a critical aspect of the overall Bella Eyes surgery experience, and its significance lies in ensuring a smooth and successful recovery for the patient. After undergoing the intricate procedure, which combines endoscopic dynamic canthopexy and lateral brow lift, individuals need to adhere to specific postoperative care instructions to optimize healing, minimize complications, and enhance the long-term results of the surgery.

  1. Minimizing Discomfort and Complications: Following Bella Eyes surgery, the body undergoes a period of adjustment to the surgical changes. Adhering to post-operative care guidelines, such as the recommended waiting time before drinking water or eating, helps minimize discomfort and reduces the risk of complications like nausea or vomiting. These precautions are designed to enhance the overall postoperative experience for the patient.
  2. Facilitating Proper Healing: Bella Eyes surgery involves delicate procedures that reshape and rejuvenate the eye area. Proper post-operative care, including the use of prescribed eye drops and avoiding activities that could strain the eyes, is essential for facilitating optimal healing. This helps minimize inflammation, reduce the risk of infection, and ensures that the results of the surgery are as intended.
  3. Protecting Surgical Results: The postoperative care instructions, such as refraining from wearing eyeglasses and avoiding strenuous physical activities, play a crucial role in protecting the surgical results. These precautions are designed to prevent accidental impacts or pressure on the face, which could compromise the outcomes of the surgery. Following these guidelines diligently is essential for maintaining the integrity of the procedures performed during Bella Eyes surgery.
  4. Preventing Complications: Bella Eyes surgery involves a delicate balance, and any deviation from the prescribed post-operative care could potentially lead to complications. Avoiding activities like hair coloring, plucking eyebrows, or engaging in extensive skincare routines during the initial recovery month helps prevent unnecessary strain on the eyes and reduces the risk of complications that could compromise the success of the surgery.

In summary, post-operative care is indispensable after Bella Eyes surgery as it not only promotes a smoother recovery process but also safeguards the integrity of the surgical results. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that patients can enjoy the full benefits of the procedure, achieving the desired aesthetic outcomes while minimizing the risk of complications or discomfort during the healing period.


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