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Is  Bella Eyes® same as fox eyes & cat eyes?

Bella Eyes® Surgery vs. Fox Eyes and Cat Eyes Surgery: A Comprehensive Comparison


In the quest for enhancing one’s natural beauty, surgical procedures have become increasingly popular. Among these, ” Bella Eyes®,” “Fox Eyes,” and “Cat Eyes” surgeries have gained attention for their potential to transform the eye area. However, it’s essential to clarify that  Bella Eyes® is not the same as Fox Eyes or Cat Eyes surgery.  Bella Eyes® is a unique surgical technique developed by Dr. Ufuk Askeroğlu, with its details published in reputable medical sources like PubMed and ISAPS. On the other hand, “Fox Eyes” and “Cat Eyes” are commercial names for different procedures or surgeries. In this article, we will explore the distinctions between these techniques and shed light on what sets  Bella Eyes® apart. (Bella Eyes® Vs. Fox Eyes)

 Bella Eyes®: A Renowned Surgical Technique

Bella Eyes® is not just a commercial name; it is a specialized surgical technique with a unique approach. Dr. Ufuk Askeroğlu, a renowned Turkish plastic surgeon, developed this innovative method. The details of the  Bella Eyes® technique have been published in prominent medical publications such as PubMed and ISAPS, indicating its legitimacy within the medical community. Unlike commercial names,  Bella Eyes® represents a specific approach that combines endoscopic dynamic canthopexy and lateral brow lift to reshape the eyes and eyebrows. It aims to provide patients with a more youthful and attractive appearance by creating a subtle but noticeable improvement in the eye area. (Bella Eyes® Vs. Fox Eyes)

Fox Eyes and Cat Eyes: Commercial Names for Distinct Procedures

In contrast, “Fox Eyes” and “Cat Eyes” are not surgical techniques or methods but rather commercial names used to describe specific surgical procedures designed to achieve a particular aesthetic result. These names have become popular in the cosmetic industry as they describe the desired eye shape or appearance that patients may want to attain.

“Fox Eyes” typically refer to a procedure that focuses on elongating the eyes and creating a lifted, slanted appearance similar to that of a fox. This procedure usually involves techniques like brow lift, eyelid surgery, and other adjustments to achieve the desired look. Similarly, “Cat Eyes” aim to create a feline-like eye shape, often involving eyelid surgery and other modifications. (Bella Eyes® Vs. Fox Eyes)

Bella Eyes® vs. Fox Eyes and Cat Eyes: Key Differences

The primary difference between Bella Eyes® and the commercial names “Fox Eyes” and “Cat Eyes” lies in their nature.  Bella Eyes® is a well-defined surgical technique developed by Dr. Ufuk Askeroğlu and supported by published research. It offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing the eye area, focusing on reshaping the eyes and eyebrows for a more youthful appearance. On the other hand, “Fox Eyes” and “Cat Eyes” are not specific surgical methods but rather marketing terms. These terms are used to describe desired outcomes or aesthetics that patients wish to achieve. The actual procedures used to create these appearances may vary from patient to patient and from one practitioner to another.


In the world of cosmetic surgery, clarity and understanding are paramount. When it comes to  Bella Eyes®, “Fox Eyes,” and “Cat Eyes,” it is important to recognize the differences.  Bella Eyes® is a well-defined surgical technique developed by Dr. Ufuk Askeroğlu, with research published in reputable medical sources. In contrast, “Fox Eyes” and “Cat Eyes” are not surgical techniques but rather commercial names used to describe desired outcomes. While these names can guide patients in expressing their aesthetic preferences, the specific surgical procedures to achieve these results may vary. Patients interested in these procedures should have open and detailed discussions with their chosen practitioners to ensure their expectations align with the proposed treatments.


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