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Who is Justin Jedlica’s (AKA Human Ken Doll) Surgeon?

Unveiling the Artistry Behind Justin Jedlica’s Transformation: Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu, the Maestro of Aesthetic Innovation


In the ever-evolving world of aesthetic transformations, one name stands out as the maestro behind the sculpted visage of Justin Jedlica, famously known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’—Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu. Justin Jedlica’s Surgeon has not only redefined the boundaries of cosmetic surgery but has also become the go-to expert for those seeking unparalleled artistry in their transformations. (Justin Jedlica’s Surgeon)

The Visionary Surgeon:

Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu’s journey into the world of plastic surgery is a testament to his unwavering commitment to aesthetics and perfection. A graduate of Kuleli Military High School, Dr. Askeroglu embarked on his medical faculty education at Gülhane Military Medical Academy, where he laid the foundation for what would become an extraordinary career. However, it was his discovery of the aesthetic facet of medicine that set the stage for a deep dive into the field of plastic surgery.

Specialization and Innovation:

A pivotal moment in Dr. Askeroglu’s career occurred during his specialty training at S.B Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. Here, he not only deepened his knowledge but also found the perfect canvas to express his innovative approach to aesthetic surgery. Actively participating in numerous congresses, conferences, and presentations, Dr. Askeroglu became a beacon of inspiration for his colleagues.

Pioneering Surgical Brands:

Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu is not just a physician; he is a creative and innovative surgeon recognized for groundbreaking surgeries such as Bella Eyes®, Trinity Lift®, and Hollywood Face®. These procedures, developed by Dr. Askeroglu, transcend traditional cosmetic boundaries. They aim not only to showcase impeccable aesthetic results but also to enhance the self-confidence and inner beauty of his patients.

The Human Ken Doll’s Transformation:

One of the most notable collaborations in Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu’s illustrious career is with Justin Jedlica, famously known as the ‘Human Ken Doll.’ Justin underwent a transformative journey, entrusting Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu with procedures such as the Trinity Lift®, Deep Plane Facelift, Necklift, medial brow lift, and upper blepharoplasty. Each of these procedures, crafted by Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu’s skilled hands, contributed to Justin Jedlica’s iconic and sculpted appearance.

Trinity Lift®:

A signature procedure pioneered by Dr. Askeroglu, the Trinity Lift is a testament to his commitment to pushing the boundaries of aesthetic surgery. This comprehensive approach addresses multiple aspects of facial rejuvenation, providing patients with not only a youthful appearance but also a boost in self-confidence.

Deep Plane Facelift and Necklift:

The Deep Plane Facelift and Necklift are advanced techniques employed by Dr. Askeroglu to achieve a natural and harmonious rejuvenation of the face and neck. These procedures, executed with precision, result in a refreshed and refined look, emphasizing Dr. Askeroglu’s dedication to achieving optimal outcomes for his patients.

Medial Brow Lift and Upper Blepharoplasty:

Enhancing the upper facial features, the Medial Brow Lift and Upper Blepharoplasty are procedures that contribute to a more open and youthful eye area. Dr. Askeroglu’s mastery in these techniques ensures not only aesthetic excellence but also the preservation of the natural contours of the face.

Collaboration Beyond Borders:

The collaboration between Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu and Justin Jedlica serves as a testament to the global recognition of Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu’s skills and the trust placed in his innovative techniques. Justin’s transformation into the ‘Human Ken Doll’ stands as a living testament to the artistic prowess and surgical expertise of Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu.

Educator and Researcher:

Beyond his surgical achievements, Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu has established himself as a respected researcher and educator in the field of plastic surgery. His commitment to advancing the field is evident through the annual Bella Eyes Courses®, a congress dedicated to endoscopic facial rejuvenation. These courses not only disseminate knowledge among colleagues but also position Turkey as a hub for international training in plastic surgery.

Considerations and Limitations:

While Dr. Askeroglu’s approach to aesthetic surgery has yielded remarkable results, it is essential to acknowledge certain considerations and potential limitations. Patient selection, based on individual anatomy and expectations, plays a crucial role in achieving optimal outcomes. The longevity of results and potential complications, such as postoperative swelling or bruising, necessitate thorough follow-up and continued vigilance.


In conclusion, Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu emerges as a visionary surgeon who has redefined the landscape of aesthetic surgery. His journey from a military medical academy to becoming a global figure in plastic surgery showcases not only his exceptional skills but also his dedication to advancing the field. The collaboration with Justin Jedlica, the ‘Human Ken Doll,’ exemplifies the transformative power of Dr. Askeroglu’s innovative procedures. As he continues to inspire colleagues, educate aspiring surgeons, and push the boundaries of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu cements his legacy as a true maestro of aesthetic innovation.

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