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Blurred Vision After Bella Eyes®(Bella Eyes® Recovery Process)

Blurred vision after Bella Eyes® surgery is completely a predicted consequence of the procedure’s nature. When the corners of the eyes and brows are lifted or repositioned during surgery, it can temporarily disrupt the normal alignment of the eye structures. (Bella Eyes® Recovery Process) This adjustment phase typically results in blurred vision, akin to the sensation one might experience when gently pulling up on the outer corners of the eyes with their fingers. It’s important for patients to understand that this blurriness is expected and usually resolves within 12 to 14 weeks as the eyes get used to their new position.

Numbness During Bella Eyes® Recovery Process

The numbness experienced in the dissection area following Bella Eyes®  surgery is a common occurrence and typically subsides over time. This numbness can persist for up to 6 months as the tissues, muscles, and nerves gradually heal from the surgical trauma. While it may initially be concerning, especially for those unfamiliar with the post-operative process, it’s essential to recognize that numbness is a sign of the body’s healing process and should gradually improve as the nerves regenerate.

Swelling After Bella Eyes® Surgery:

Swelling is another post-operative symptom that varies from patient to patient. While some individuals may experience minimal swelling that subsides quickly, others may experience with swelling that persists for several months. Understanding that swelling duration can vary widely and is influenced by factors such as individual healing responses and the extent of surgical manipulation is crucial. Swelling in one side of the face may heal faster than the other side, which may cause patients to panic, however it is totally expected for both sides to heal unevenly, that is why patients should be aware that their final result will be visible in 2-4 months post-op. Patients should be prepared for potential fluctuations in swelling and adopt patience as their bodies undergo the healing process.

Facial Asymmetry & Bella Eyes®:

It’s essential to address concerns regarding asymmetry after Bella Eyes® surgery. While the procedure aims to enhance the overall appearance of the eyes and brows, it cannot correct pre-existing asymmetry inherent to everyone’s facial structure. Humans naturally have asymmetrical faces, resulting in slight differences between the right and left profiles. Patients should be mindful of their existing asymmetry before undergoing surgery and manage their expectations accordingly.  Bella Eyes® surgery seeks to improve aesthetics within the bounds of each patient’s unique facial characteristics rather than achieve absolute symmetry.

Keep these in mind before & after Bella Eyes® surgery:

Experiencing blurred vision, numbness, swelling, and asymmetry after Bella Eyes® surgery is a common part of the post-operative experience. By understanding these potential factors and knowing what to expect during the recovery process, patients can continue their recover process with confidence and peace of mind. Remember, patience is key, and gradual improvement is expected as the face heals and adjusts to its new appearance.


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